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Danielle McCarthy, a Gold Star wife, unexpectedly lost her husband, David, a U.S. Veteran, in 2017. His body was brought to Sunset Mesa in Montrose, Colorado to be cremated. One day, she received a call from the FBI informing her that the cremains she had may not be her husband after all. As a result of the FBI investigation, Danielle learned David’s body had been sold without her consent and later learned it's not considered illegal in the state of Colorado. This is Danielle’s story.  

We believe this is a story that needs told and have plans of producing a full length feature film. What happened to Danielle and many others is currently not illegal. In fact, there is no federal law against tampering with a corpse. Because of this, we are wanting this story to be shared as far and wide as possible in hopes of getting people talking about this issue and bringing about political change in order that no family ever has to experience what Danielle and so many others did ever again.


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